Dr. Phil’s Diet

Dr. Phil’s Shape Up diet is just as no-nonsense as the rest of his advice. This isn’t some miracle diet—it’s about taking responsibility for your life-style choices. Dr. Phil’s book is titled "The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: The 7 Keys To Weight Loss Freedom." The online version of Dr. Phil’s diet is "Shape Up," offered by eDiets. To get the low down on weight loss, visit FemPlace.com.

Dr. Phil’s program looks at why diets don’t work—millions of North Americans have been hopping from one diet to another with results that quickly deteriorate. He also examines the role of the media and our own families on our diet. Lastly, Dr. Phil comments on the differences between men and women when it comes to dieting.

Individuals find this diet helping because it doesn’t pretend to offer any fast fix solutions. Dieting and healthy weight loss takes time and requires individuals to make lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes include exercise and eating fresh foods. But it also requires that you take a look at the psychological underpinnings that shape how you eat and what you eat.

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