Summer Activities for Kids: Indoor Summer Activities

Raining outside? No problem! These fun ideas for summer activities are the perfect indoor solution to those stormy summer days.

Indoor Summer Activities

  • it's showtime! Kids can hone their acting chops with this fun activities for summer. Kids can dress up in costumes and create their own play or even host their own talent show.
  • pack your picnic basket. Spread out a blanket on the floor and fill a picnic basket full of yummy treats like burgers or sandwiches. Kids can toss a beach ball around or play with seashells from your last trip to the beach.
  • head to the library. When it's rainy outside, a trip to the local library is nothing short of an adventure. Let kids pick out books and spend a quiet afternoon reading.
  • bring the theater home. Rent the kids' favorite movies. Then have children create their own movie theater in your own living room! One child can be in charge of the concession stand (you can pop your own popcorn or get some storebought popcorn and have your child fill colorful paper bags with the treat). Another can make tickets and hand them out to guests.
  • imaginary travel. Get out family photos of family trips, as well as any atlases or globes that you have around the house. Let each kid plan their dream trip and create a dream vacation package. They can list foods from the country of their choice, the languages spoken there as well as list activities that are part of the culture.


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