Halloween Games

October 31st- Halloween night is a fun and an exciting time for children. But it is an even more entertaining and a thrilling experience for adults and parents who accompany their children house to house, design their costumes and organize their parties. If you are planning a Halloween party at home or at school and are looking for spooky, fun-filled game ideas, below are a few suggested activities. These games will keep your children entertained for a few hours and they will have a spooktacular time.

Wrap the Mummy: The Mummy wrap game is a popular Halloween game and often played at children as well as adult parties. To play this game, divide the children into groups and select one child in each group to be a mummy. Then, give the other children in the group a roll of toilet paper and have them wrap the mummy with the paper. But before they begin, make sure you set some rules. Instruct them to leave the eyes, nose and mouth uncovered. The first group who finishes wrapping the mummy wins.

Monster Freeze Dance: The freeze dance is another popular game at children's Halloween parties. To play this game, play the Monster Mash song or any Halloween music that you may have and have the children dance. When you stop the music midway, have the kids freeze in monster positions. Anyone caught moving during the freeze loses and the last kid remaining wins the game.

Mad Scientist Laboratory: The Mad Scientist Laboratory is another great game for children during Halloween. For this game, before the party, prepare a few food items such as peeled grapes, cooked spaghetti, Jello, wet tea bags, cooked cauliflower etc. and label them with a specific body part name. For instance, the peeled grapes as eyeballs, cooked cauliflower as the brain etc. Then, dim the lights, turn on some Halloween sound effects, put on blindfolds and have each child feel and guess what they are feeling.

Pass the Pumpkin: In this game, seat the kids on the floor in a circle, turn on some music and give them a small pumpkin to pass around. When the music stops, the one holding the pumpkin is out.

Left and Right Pumpkin story: Write a Halloween story that repeatedly uses the words "Left" and "Right". Then, have the children sit in a circle and pass around a pumpkin to the left or right each time the words "Left" or "Right" are read out. Read the story as fast you can.

Pumpkin Penny toss: To play this game, carve out a hole in a medium-sized pumpkin and give each child a handful of pennies. Then, have each child stand a few feet away and toss the pennies one by one into the pumpkin. Each time, a child tosses a penny into the pumpkin, reward him or her with a piece of candy.

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