Getting In The Mood

A recent study of over 3,000 moms, sponsored by First Response, discovered that the average couple has sex 104 times before they manage to conceive. This means that it takes the average couple 6 months to get pregnant, assuming a couple has sex 4 times a week. Sound like fun?

Boring Sex

Not for almost a quarter of the participants in the study, who said that conception sex was boring. They weren't the only ones to express such feelings: 11% of their partners said they felt "used." Is there a way to make things a bit more interesting during the baby-making period?

What about aphrodisiacs? Do they really work? Are they safe? The answer is a qualified "maybe."

Read on for the sensible take on some known aphrodisiacs:

*A great body—statistics show that most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) are out of shape. One quarter of ED sufferers watch the boob-tube at least three hours per day. On the other hand, men who take care of their bodies have better self-esteem and this is a key factor in generating those really great erections.

*Respect—Perhaps the best aphrodisiac is respect. You understand and appreciate each others' needs. The best part about this aphrodisiac is that it costs not a penny.

*Psychotherapy—Mental illnesses such as depression can take away the libido. Psychotherapy can restore the sex drive.

*Viagra—Viagra can't do its thing without at least a bit of sexual arousal on the part of the man who takes that little blue pill. However, this medication is a known confidence-booster and nothing works better than lots of self-confidence to build an erection.

Herbal Stiffening

*Aphrodisiacal Herbs—There are plenty of herbs that over the centuries have been reputed to have the power to arouse sexual desire, for instance yohimbe, maca, and tribulus. But these herbs are not regulated and can even be fatal in high doses. Your man wants to be stiff, but not that kind of stiff.

*Oysters—The Romans swore by oysters as a virility-builder and they may have been on to something. Oysters contain large amounts of zinc, which is crucial for the production of sperm. Raw oysters are high in N-methyl-D-aspartate and D-aspartic acid which are known to increase the production of the male hormone testosterone, thus raising male libido.

*Chocolate—Okay, so it's not really an aphrodisiac, but it does make you feel good. Chocolate contains serotonin and phenylethylamine, two chemicals that wake up the pleasure centers of your brain. If you feel good, you'll feel good about having sex, too.