Beat The Beauty Blahs With Home Hair Color

You are feeling the need for change but not sure how to go about it? It’s common for moms—especially new moms—to feel a little blah (also known as the baby blues), after spending loads of time looking after baby and not yourself. This is usually when you start to crave a little change and the most common change women make at this time is in their appearance or more specifically, their hair color. Changing your hair color is definitely one of the quickest ways to change your look and score a lot of the wow factor. And since you likely stopped dying your hair during your pregnancy like so many women do, then you’re probably really itching for a change!

Doing Change Right

So you want to give your mane a makeover but not sure which hue is haute? Here are some ways to make sure that the color of your hair isn’t a hair-raising experience!

Look in your closet. If you know what colors look good on you then you are on the right track. If you shine in jewel tones like red, orange, golden yellow or olive green then warm hair tones such as; golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn will work best for you. If you’re at your best in bluish red, fuchsia, black or royal blue then cool hair tones such as platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy or jet back should be your choice. If you look radiant in red, purple, charcoal grey or teal then neutral tones such as sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown or mahogany works best.

Take a strand test. Grab a chunk of your hair (somewhere where it’s not readily visible) and try out a patch test of the color on your hair. Take the newly colored hair and hold it up against your face to see if the color of your skin works well with the new hue.

Don’t be a slave to trends. You want to choose a color that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Only celebrities who have high priced stylists on their speed dials can pull off super trendy looks that they can afford to change as often as they do boyfriends!

Personality. The color of the hair also depends on how you can carry it off. If you have the personality where you can “own” your new color (regardless of what it is) then go for it. However, if you feel a bit on the shyer side and feel that the hair color may overpower you, then it is best you pick a more suitable hair color.

It’s In The Eyes. If you have your skin tone in check, the one last place to fit the equation of what color works best for you is to see what colors work best with your eyes. This rings especially true if your current styles involve bangs. You want to make sure that your eyes stand out but not look like lasers. Think of Cameron Diaz. When she died her blonde locks black, her baby blues looked harsh and unfriendly not too mention her red tinged cheeks. Back to blonde she went and her eyes and face thanked her for it.

Bonus Tip
When you are done coloring and find that you need to wear more make up to make your face shine, then you have picked the wrong hair color. The correct color for your hair should compliment your natural (unmade up) skin tone. You shouldn’t look weak or washed out; you should look just the opposite. Your hair color should make you look alive and radiant au natural.

Now that you know what colors will work best for you, embrace your new hair color and work it! And when the blahs creep up on you again, simply use these tips to help you choose another hot color!