Books For Babies

Introducing your children to books when they are still babies will give them a head start when it comes learning to read in school.

Bookshops sell a wide variety of books for babies or you can buy online or from a book club. If you are on a tight budget go to a garage sale or the Goodwill and pick up a bargain. Books also make inexpensive presents for friends and family to give baby. The main thing is that you have small books that baby can hold, which are either made of cloth or board. You can toss a cloth book in the washing machine if it gets covered in jelly or juice, and you can easily wipe a board book down with a sponge.

Baby's Bookshelf

If you create a bookshelf for baby at floor level so that baby can sit in front of it, or crawl over to it, baby will be able to bring you a book to 'read'. As you increase your collection you will be surprised that baby has favorite 'stories' for you to read again and again. Even books with simple pictures like apples and bananas on the pages will entrance baby and enable baby to enter the world of books.


Why not buy some plastic books for baby to 'read' in the bath? These can be great fun but you may want to think carefully about getting baby used to having books in the bath. After all do you really want lots of wet soggy paperbacks in the bathroom as your child gets older?

Black And White Books

Apparently newborns don't see color straight away so there are high contrast black and white books available that new babies love.

Flap Books

These types of books have hidden flaps that you can lift, or tags you can pull out. Babies love the 'peek-a-boo' element of these books. Start off doing it yourself until baby takes over and won't stop! Check how sturdy the book is before you buy, as some cheap types are very flimsy and don't stand up to baby wear and tear.

Jigsaw Books

There is also wide selection of jigsaw books available. These are usually two piece jigsaws that your baby can learn to put together (with a little bit of help to start with!). Some of these books are also the touchy-feely type so baby gets a real sensory experience.

Stroller Books

You can even buy books for your child's stroller. They usually have a clip-on ring that you can attach to the side of the stroller so even if baby throws it out, you won't lose it. It also gives it baby something to look at while you shop.

Tactile Books

There are a lot of 'touchy feely' books out there too, so that baby can get used to words like 'rough' and 'smooth' by feeling the relevant spot in the book. Some books also have sounds so that for example the doorbell makes a sound when you press it. Babies really love these type of texture books.


Books for babies have simple themes so that you can introduce baby to various concepts like 'night time' or 'getting dressed' or 'going out'. For instance there are lots of excellent bedtime books which familiarize your baby to bedtime routines. And baby will want you to read them every night, often several times, so make sure you like the story!

Remember if you want to give your baby a head start in life it's never too soon to introduce the world of books.