Easy Beauty Tips for Busy Moms On A Budget

Being a mom isn’t easy. Having a child means having another human being—or several—to take care of, feed and pay for. Mom-dome for many requires you to give up a lot of the ‘me time’ you once had as well as a lot of the ‘me money’ that used to go to things like beauty. This is why mothers tend to fall into a bit of a beauty rut and understandably so. Luckily though there are some super cheap and easy ways to stay on top of your beauty regime so you can still be supermom and hot mom all at the same time!

Cheap Tricks

As a busy mom on a budget you want to look for beauty products that will do double duty and really give you as much bang for your buck as possible. Check out these cheap tricks that’ll make you gorgeous without putting a dent in your wallet.

Tinted Moisturizers: These are absolutely genius because they offer coverage and skin care in one bottle. You can choose one suited to your skin type to get the most out of your moisturizer. They also come in various price points so you can stay within budget. This also means that you can skip buying foundation which saves you money right there! And if you really want to save big, take a drop of the foundation you already have and mix it with your current daily moisturizer so that both go a long way for your money.

Fruits: Yes, the fruits sitting in your kitchen are not only a tasty treat but they can also replace some costly beauty products. Try a citrus face freshener that can give you tight and fresh looking skin in seconds. All you do is boil the peel of an orange, lemon or grapefruit in 2 cups of boiling water, let it sit overnight and then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Spritz on before putting on your make up for great results! You can also use mashed up strawberries and olive oil or butter to make a great face mask for dry skin. The internet is full of other great homemade facial recipes for the busy mom on a budget.

Shimmer Eye Shadow: Whether you own a shimmery shadow or take one of the shadows from your daughters make-up play set, shimmer shadow can work not only as an eye shadow but also a highlighter to be used on the cheekbones and inner corners of your eyes for a youthful and fresh glow. You can also dust some over your collar bone and in your décolletage to kick things up a sexy notch when going out or just dressing up for a night in with your partner.

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Take a couple of minutes to yourself to do something that will leave you feeling like the fabulous mother and woman that you are!