Baby Bottles

So you've decided to bottlefeed instead of breastfeed your baby. Finding the right baby bottle can be tricky. What are the best baby bottles? A good indication is usually what kinds of baby feeding bottles are popular.

Some Popular Baby Bottles
Many parents like gerber baby bottles, as they're very resilient. Avent baby bottles, Playtex baby bottles and Umix baby bottles are other favorites, as they're easy for baby to hold. Evenflo is another trusted brand (you can even find free baby bottles by evenflo online). Dr. Brown's baby bottles are another great favorite. Dr. Browns baby bottles work to reduce spit-up, colic, gas and burping with the internal vent system. Dr Brown's baby bottles are meant to work more like the natural nipple. Second nature baby bottles are also supposed to work like the mother's nipple, and are a good choice if you're trying to integrate some breastfeeding with bottle feeding, as it decreases the likelihood of nipple confusion.

There are so many different kinds of baby bottles out there. What do you choose? Is it more important that you have pink baby bottles, Disney baby bottles or that your baby bottles are environmentally friendly? If you're looking for safe, non-toxic bottles, then switch from plastic bottles to tempered glass baby bottles. Remember, whether you have plastic or glass baby bottles, sterilizing baby bottles is a must!