Baby Furniture

How To Begin

Decorating your baby's nursery can be a lot of fun. Parents should first decide on a budget; when decorating, there are many considerations including baby furniture, baby bedding, baby crib furniture, light fixtures, window coverings and wall coverings. Your main expense, however, will be the baby furniture.

Strict Budgets

For those on a tight budget, you can easily find discount baby furniture. For stylish, well-constructed furniture at a low cost, Bassett Baby Furniture is a great option. Bassett Furniture Direct stores even have a design center to help you out with those difficult decorating decisions.  Find out more about how you can have a beautiful and functioning baby room and still keep within budget.


Baby Dream Furniture is another sound option. Baby's Dream has a wonderful selection of nursery furniture available in over 300 retailers across the U.S. Those parents who love the classic look of Legacy Furniture often wish to find Legacy baby furniture. As of today, there is no line of Legacy baby Furniture. We recommend the look of Pali baby furniture. Their children's collections are elegant, well crafted and comfortable.

Yet another popular choice is Delta baby furniture. Combining form with function, their pieces are built to last. Delta makes fine bassinets, changing tables, portable cribs, toddler beds, stroller and walkers.

Lastly, parents are now very excited about Jardine baby furniture. If you are looking for accessories such as glider rocker chairs, kiddies table and toddler beds, Jardine combines quality with very reasonable prices.