A baby stroller is an important part of every parent's life. Baby strollers designs can vary from the most basic umbrella stroller to a more elaborate double stroller or even a triple stroller. For active parents there are jogging strollers, which also come in a double jogging stroller model for parents with twins (or just looking for a really good work out). For the uptown mom, there is the Jeep stroller while parents with two children a few years a part may want to take advantage of a sit and stand stroller. The Eddie Bauer Double Stroller and the Sit N' Stand stroller are two popular versions of the stroller that accommodates children of different ages and sizes.

Stroller reviews or stroller ratings by customers are always a great way to figure out just how a stroller will perform in the real world. Also, looking for a well-known brand often ensures a good quality stroller. Maclaren strollers are one such brand and their Maclaren Volo stroller is a hit with many parents. These umbrella strollers can be purchased as a basic model or with stroller accessories including a stroller rain shield.

Although it once specialized in upscale outdoor gear, today Eddie Bauer has expanded to include a line of Eddie Bauer Strollers. The strollers come in a variety of models and colors, which means there's an Eddie Bauer Stroller out there for you!

The Bugaboo stroller is another popular brand with many parents. Their Bugaboo Frog Stroller has a very unique look to it that not only sets it apart from other strollers, like the classic pram strollers, but also makes it more comfortable to push. Chariot strollers also have a unique look to them and have lots of extra space for storage.

Some of the most common and trusted names in the baby stroller field include Peg Perego Strollers, Cosco Strollers, Chicco Strollers, Evenflo Strollers, Toni Stroller and Combi Strollers. All of these lines offer a wide variety of strollers. From double strollers to double jogging strollers to triple strollers and even a quad stroller here and there, they have them all. A Bertini Stroller is also popular with many parents because of the many stroller accessories that can come with it.

Jogger strollers have become more and more mainstream over the last few years as parents look for a convenient way to stay in shape while looking after a young child. Some of the big names that have emerged include Instep Jogging Strollers, Schwinn Jogging Strollers, and Bob Strollers. The Bob Sport Utility Stroller is actually a double jogging stroller, great for parents of twins. The Expedition Double Jogging Stroller is another mover and shaker in the 3 wheel stroller market. Zooper Strollers make a jogger stroller with a rotating front wheel that makes those sharp corners easier to take.

Traveling with a baby can be difficult, especially when you have to take a stroller with you. Having a baby stroller travel system can make going places a bit easier. Although travel strollers can be more expensive, it may just be worth it if your family travels frequently. Otherwise, you can also look for umbrella strollers.

Since these strollers fold up easily, they are ideal for travel as long as you don't mind holding your baby while the stroller is folded up. If you have twin strollers or a double umbrella stroller, you'll need to make sure there's a second set of hands to help you out. However, if traveling is not your thing and you have twins (or more), buying a tandem stroller or a triplet stroller that doesn't fold up may be better since they are sturdier. The Graco Double Stroller has received many positive baby stroller reviews from parents.

No matter what you buy, make sure you test it out first and look for one that has a baby stroller review. Happy stroller hunting!