Newborn Constipation

It's important to watch your newborn closely for signs of constipation, as without care the situation can worsen.

The first few days of life, your infant will pass meconium, a greenish black substance that accumulated in its intestines during gestation. After this stage, your newborn's bowel movements will sometimes change color and consistency; this is usually a sign that all is working normally. The consistency will normally be watery and loose.

Symptoms of Constipation
Hard, pellet-like stool accompanied with groaning and straining means your newborn is constipated. There's some good news for mothers who exclusively breastfeed their babies-exclusively breastfed newborns rarely get constipated!

Treatment for Newborn Constipation
You can easily treat your newborn's constipation by offering him about four ounces of diluted prune juice. Prune juice, because it is a sugary liquid, will draw water into the stomach. This will soften stools and make it easier for your baby to pass stool.

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