Caring for Your Circumcised Newborn

If you've had your baby boy circumcised, some care should be taken to keep the site clean and dry until the wound heals. This entails putting lubricant and gauze on the tip of the penis following every diaper change. The gauze keeps the penis from sticking to the diaper. Remember that the penis will be very red following the circumcision.

A yellow tissue will begin to form on the wound; there is no reason to worry about this yellow scab. However, if your child's penis should become red, swollen and warm to the touch, contact your doctor. Other signs of infection include a fever and pus draining from the wound.

Uncircumcised Care
If your child is uncircumcised, you won't have to provide any special care. Also, you won't have to retract his foreskin to clean the penis - the foreskin will naturally retract with age. When this naturally occurs, then you should instruct your boy to retract the foreskin and wash the area daily.

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