Blocked Ducts

Blocked ducts are frequently caused by poor latch on. To help prevent blocked ducts, read up on proper latch on techniques. The good news is that blocked ducts usually resolve themselves within 24 to 48 hours. The bad news is that they can be painful, but there are several measures you can take to subdue the pain and help speed your recovery.

  1. Keep Breastfeeding: Your baby may be more fussy while she feeds on the affected breast, mainly because the milk is not flowing as freely. Having your baby breastfeed will help unblock the plugged duct.

  2. Apply Heat: Take a warm compress and gently hold it to your breast. Aiming the shower head to the affected area in the shower also works wonders. This will provide comfort for your pain.

  3. Sleep: Getting more rest helps the plugged duct resolve faster.

If the blocked duct persists over 48 hours, see your health care provider to discuss treatment. If you have been running a fever and had flu-like symptoms and have very a very tender breast, please see your health care provider. You may be developing mastitis.

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