Sleep and your Children


Your preschooler is most likely sleeping quite well at night. For some parents, their children are sleeping so well and so deeply, they wet their beds. Our article on Bedwetting will help you understand better why this happens while The Emotional Side of Bedwetting will give you insight as to how this affects your child emotionally. Bedwetting can not only be a nuisance for the parents but can be embarrassing and traumatic for the child.  However, there are many things that you can do to help stop bedwetting all of which are outlined in Bedwetting Cures. And don't forget to find out what worked for other parents in Bedwetting Advice.

Another night time occurrence that can have you up in arms is night terrors. These episodes can be especially frightening to parents but your child will never remember a thing. Read up on how these dreams are different from nightmares and find out more what you can do to ensure your child a peaceful night's sleep.  Remember, if your child sleeps happily through the night so can you!