Your Preschooler's Health

Health and Your Preschooler Parents have so many new concerns about the health of their children. Food allergies are one of them - and they are on the rise. Find out about peanut allergies and how you can prevent a reaction. It is important to know how to respond if your child is allergic to peanuts because peanut allergies can cause severe reactions in some children and sometimes can even lead to death.  For children who have severe reactions to some foods, especially peanuts, read about the signs of an anaphylactic reaction and when to use an epi-pen.

When your little one is sick, you want nothing more than to help make him feel better. Whether it's a cold or the flu, a little TLC will always help your child feel better. And if he develops a fever, find out when a trip to the doctor might be necessary.  Fevers in children can be serious so find out what you should do if your child is feeling warm.

Some childhood ailments are very common, but also very contagious. One such ill is pink eye. Find out more about this uncomfortable infection and how you can avoid it.  You can help you child from contracting this annoying infection, and keep yourself safe from contamination should you child become infected, with a few simple and easy preventative measures. Find out more now!

Another condition that is common but much more serious is asthma. Learn about this potentially fatal disorder and how you can help your child when he is having an attack.  Also get great tips for how to prevent your child from developing asthma attacks and about how to help your child breath easy all year round.