Your Preschooler's Development

Development The preschool years are full of wonder and discovery. These are also the very first years of school. Learn how to prepare your child for that first day of preschool with Starting School: Getting a Head Start.  Help your child to look forward to this momentous day rather than approaching it with fright.

Your child's ability to communicate is really starting to flourish now. Help this new skill grow even more with the tips offered in Encouraging Speech. However, you may start to notice a speech impediment, like a lisp or a stutter. Speech Development will help you understand why these hurdles in language occur and what you can do to help your child overcome them.  With the right methods your child's speech difficulties can easily be remedied.

Your child is growing a lot during their preschool years - both mentally and physically. To get a general look at the development milestones your child should achieve, read Preschool Development. For a more specific look at the development process, check out Development Milestones: 3 Years; Development Milestones: 4 Years; and Development Milestones: 5 Years.

Sometimes their physical growth can cause them some aches and pains. But how do you know when those pains are normal and when they signify something more? Take a look at Growing Pains for a run down of some common development problems and learn how to identify whether your child needs medical attention.