Your Preschooler's Behavior

Your Preschooler's Behavior Parenting a preschooler is often a mysterious job. Amazed at the wonders of the world, one minute our children excitedly flood us with questions and in the next instant, they are sprawled across the floor in a puddle of tears.  How can you as a parent keep up and what can you do to help control your child's behavior?

Parenting a three, four or five year old certainly has its ups and downs, so it's best to get your parenting skills ready for the task. If there is a new baby in the family, you may find that sibling rivalry is a bit of an issue. Learn how to deal with preschoolers who are fighting with their siblings and get great tips for creating harmony in the home.

Parents are often surprised when their out-going child suddenly becomes an introvert when other people are around. Shyness is common in many preschoolers but there are a few things you can do to help your child overcome their bashfulness. However, if that shyness seems to be affecting your child a bit too much, it may be a sign that they are experiencing some anxiety. Read now and learn how you can tell the difference.

Habits can start at a young age. One bad habit that you'll want to work on breaking quickly is nail biting. While generally just a harmless habit, sometimes nail biting can signify more serious anxiety issues. Find out more about this habit and about what it may mean for your child.