Your Preschooler

Your preschooler is most likely very busy from early morning till night! Exhausted parents look on in wonder, amazed at their kid's level of energy. Follow your child's development and learn how to deal with the challenging behavior of many three to five-year olds. At this age, many preschoolers are still bedwetters. Read about dealing with this common problem in the sleep section.

Looking to feed your child a balanced diet? Want to know how to eliminate junk food? The food section has many nutritional information and facts to ensure your children eat well. In the health area, read about dealing with peanut allergies.  Also find out how to deal with the many common childhood aliments like the common cold and pink eye. And if the energy level at home is a bit high at times, tone it down with ideas for calmer activities and preschool art and crafts.

Also check out our section on parent tips and find out how to help your child adjust to preschool, deal with the death of a pet, and how to handle encounters with strangers.  This last little bit of information just may save your child's life. 

Looking for ways to help protect the safety of your child and others in your community? Wireless Amber Alerts are a valuable tool for recovering missing children. Click here to learn more.