Food and Nutrition

A Healthy Diet

A healthy, nutritional diet is the best way to give your baby a good start! Fortunately, a healthy diet is relatively easy to maintain for your baby. Experts recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of life; this ensures that your baby is getting the perfect balance of nutrients. But if your not sure about those nutrients, then check out Getting the Right Nutrients in Baby to learn just what your baby needs to stay healthy.


Of course, not every mother is able to exculsively breastfeed. If you are looking to bottle feed your child, then you'll want to read Bottle Feeding, which will provide you with tips on making feeding time easier and more nutritious.

Baby Food

Around six months of age, your child is teething and ready to start eating solid foods. Introducing solid foods can be tricky, so get some information on what techniques help make this a smooth transition. And if you want to make sure that your baby eats only the healthiest solids, then consider making your own baby food. Organic baby food is another healthy option that can help your growing child get the nutrition she needs.

Eating Problems

One nutrient you will want to ensure your baby is geting enough of when he starts solids is iron. A lack of iron can result in anemia, a potentially serious health complication for your baby.

If your baby seems to be more fussy these days, maybe she's suffering from lactose intolerance. While proper lactose intolerance is rare in newborns, it is not uncommon for infants to experience a temporary form of lactose intolerance.