The saying that 'your baby will be grown before you know it' is so true. The way babies grow is truly amazing; at no other time in a human's life does so much development occur! It can be hard to stay abreast of their quickly changing little bodies and minds, so prepare yourself for the growth that occurs every month. Even small things, like crawling and playing, can contribute to their development, so find out more about these important developments in your child's life.  


Even if your little one isn't talking yet, that doesn't mean that his language development hasn't already begun. Even baby talk has a significant impact on your child's language skills and can contribute greatly to his future language development. And if you plan on teaching your child a second language, don't wait to introduce him to that language.  Find out more about how children can easily learn more than one language and about how the younger they are, the better they learn.


Hoping that your child is destined for greatness? Convinced that that head bobbing is a sign of great rhythm? Then take a look at The Gifted Child to learn just what you should expect from a talented baby.  Discover how you can nurture your child's natural talents. And don't forget to read our handy quick reference guide to your baby's development in the first year so that you will know just what to expect.

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