Baby's First Year

Your baby's first year is a very exciting one. Your child will go from a small cuddly bundle to a brave explorer, eagerly reaching and tumbling in search of new adventures. Learn about caring for your newborn baby, and discover how to make your baby's first months in the world the best they can be.

Also read about your child's development and about the many things to expect during the different stages of your baby's life.  If you are concerned about the health of your baby learn more about keeping your little one healthy.  Find out more about immunizations and about how to prevent diaper rash.

Also discover how you can prepare yourself for when, after six months, your child will start eating solids. Learn more about what foods are best and also read about how to get your child to sleep through the night.

Since you are their main provider, babies need your love and attention around the clock. Look for baby furniture sets on sale since these essential items are only essential for the first year or two. Before you know it, the time will come to get them big kid furniture.

Babies are born to play. Read up on some stimulating ideas for games and activities that both you and baby will enjoy!  Take a look at our articles on baby playdates, baby playtime, baby yoga, and baby swimming.

Connect With Other Moms

Are you going to be a new mom? Chat with other new moms in our online forum get support from women who are experiencing the same as you.

Cerebral Palsy

Concerned your baby might have cerebral palsy? Worried about how your infant's CP might affect her development? Find answers to your questions about cerebral palsy at our new Cerebral Palsy page.